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Frequently Asked Questions

What quality can I expect from your iron on transfers?

The transfers are intended for short term wear.
Applying and following the included instructions will increase the longevity of the transfer for around 5-6 washes, provided the garment is turned inside out when washed on a warm cycle.
Tumble drying will reduce the longevity of the product.
Since everyone who does a transfer will have a unique combination of irons and strength we suggest practicing on an old garment of the same fabric type first to get the hang of it.

 How can I transfer on both sides of my shirt?

You can iron transfers to both sides of a shirt if you take steps to avoid heating the first transfer again.
Depending on what type of ironing surface you are using you can place the shirt over the surface so that the first side hangs so it is not heated again.
If your ironing surface is small enough, you can slip it inside the shirt.
Do not remove the backing from the first transfer until after you have ironed the second. Let the second one cool, then remove both backings.

Can I use an ironing board?

Regular ironing boards are too soft and disperse heat.
You must have a hard, flat surface that can not be damaged by heat.
Some suggestions are smooth plywood, Formica countertop, heat safe tabletop, or a smooth workbench.

How many times can I wash my shirt before it fades?

The transfer will fade up to the 5-6 wash. After 5-6 washing we have not noticed much more additional loss of color from the image.

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